Ultra Mega High Volume Training, UMHVT


Nothing beats the classic. The most effective programs comes from the programs of yester years bodybuilders. 5×5 was formulated by Reg Park. GVT, German volume training, may sound like rocket science but the Iron Guru Vince Gironda has been using it with a simple name, 10×10. It seems that bodybuilding legends are attracted to  matching set rep scheme. 5×5,3×3,10×10, 8×8, etc.

Now lets bring back another classic. We could call it the Ultra Mega High Volume Training, UMHVT, or quite simply the 20 set program. Popularized by the most famous baybuilder of all time, the Governator Arnold Schwarzenneger and recently by fan favorite bodybuilder, Lee Priest.

Not for Everybody
Now this is an advance program. and quite simple to apply but I wont recommend it to beginners. Beginners can get result with a lower volume pram of 1-3 sets. Beginners are not yet accustomed to this high volume and might lead to overtraining and burnout.

How to apply

This works best as a split. Lets say you are going to work chest and back today. So tell yourself Im going to do 20 sets for today. Choose 1-4 exercises for the workout. And do as many reps as you can with the maximum of 15 reps without going to failure and do 20 sets.

Superset 1
A1Bench Press
A2Barbel Row
Set: 5/5 (10total ets)
Reps: 15/15,12/12,10/10,8/8,8/8

Superset 2
B1Incline Press
B2Lat Pulldown
Set: 5/5 (10total ets)
Reps: 15/15,12/12,10/10,8/8,8/8