What Signs Tell A Person Is Addicted To Drugs?

The struggle with drug addiction in America has affected about 10% of adults however 75% of these struggling with drug addiction do not get any form of drug addiction treatment. For a person struggling with drug addiction to get the help they need to get professional alcohol and drug treatment. How can you know if you have a drug addict amongst your family members? Read on to know the signs to watch for in a drug addict since drugs and behavior changes are in tandem so you can discover the drug addiction tell-tale signs.
Drug addicts will always hide this behavior from their family and friends. If you are living with a drug addict, you will notice they tend to be very secretive, and if confronted they will always lie about it. For drug addicts to cope they will often hide in drugs and will not tell to avoid negativity and conflict.
The desire of a drug addict is to stay high this when using the drug turns in full-scale addiction. They will suddenly want to pursue using the drugs and ignore their interests and hobbies. Drug addicts tend to hide from their friends and sometimes push them away. Some drug addicts make friends with other drug addicts or drug dealers so that they can be with them when doing drugs.
The responsibilities of a drug addict are always abandoned. They will skip work or school and when they attend they perform poorly. Drug addicts will not pay their bills, buy groceries, clean up or even keep personal hygiene. The result of ignoring responsibilities by drug addicts leads to financial stress. This is because they could lose their job and not be able to pay their bills and eventually run into debt. A person struggling with drugs will ignore paying any utilities or rent and use the money to buy drugs.
People struggling with drugs can either oversleep or experience insomnia because the effect of the drugs interrupts their sleep patterns. People addicted to drugs struggle with a mixture of emotions because sometimes they are very angry and irritable and other times they are happy, energetic and excited. These mixed emotions arise when the drug effects start to reduce which can happen after some hours. During this time of drug withdrawal, the addict becomes very uncomfortable.
One effect of withdrawing from drugs could be falling sick often so look and see if your loved one has this characteristic. Drug withdrawal symptoms include sweating, vomiting and trembling. Alcohol and marijuana addicts will add weight from the calories found in alcohol and the appetite boost from marijuana. Such addicts will gain much weight as they will crave for junk food. Seek immediate help if you notice your loved one is struggling with any of the above signs.