Let’s all give thanks and enjoy our family this holiday season.  Love, laugh, and be of good cheer.  However, beware of the brownies and other sweeties that loom around your kitchen!  With that in mind, here is your “I can make it through the Holidays without gaining weight” check list!

  1.  Prepare – Choose now what foods you will allow yourself to enjoy.  Decide what they will be, when you will be allowed to enjoy them, and how much you will allow yourself.  You will get the best results by choosing small amounts, infrequently.  Caution!  Don’t enter the Holiday season defenseless!
  2. Strategize – Memorize your holiday dietary rules and pre-determine your strategy of attack to any opposition you might face.  Don’t forget that It’s ok to say “no” when offered goodies from a well-meaning relative or friend!  You can always accept it graciously, then give it away to those less fortunate.
  3. Apply – Stick to your rules.  And remember, it’s better to stick to 95% of a game-plan, then to not have one at all.  Even small improvements are valuable.
  4.  Enjoy – There is no greater high than the one you receive from self-discipline.  When you feel it, you will strive for that “high” all year long.

Lastly, whatever you do, DO NOT allow yourself to believe that little voice in your head that says, “I’ll simply enjoy this food now and diet LATER.”   Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  For when “later” comes, you will have more than just unwanted body fat.  Amongst many other health issues that this may cause, you will have a sluggish digestive system, a sweet addiction to withdraw from, and worst of all, skin that has been stretched from excessive weight.  So – don’t listen to that naughty little voice!

Healthy Thanksgiving, Joyous Christmas, and Fit New Year!