Machines versus Free Weights

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ID 100394791

The Advantages of Machines: 

They are great for beginners because they are safe and easy to use.
Machines guide your body through a certain range of motion.
You don’t have to worry about balancing the weight as much as with free weights.
Machines don’t require as much coordination.
Machines isolate each muscle group.
Machines let you get in a fast workout. You go through a circuit of machines and then you are finished.
Machines are usually arranged so that you work large muscle groups and then smaller muscle groups.

The Disadvantages of Machines:
Machines don’t fit everybody. They can be hard to adjust.
Machines don’t build as much balance or coordination.
Machines can put your body into a bad range of motion. (If you feel uncomfortable move onto another machine)
Machines are not portable. They can’t be moved around very easily.
Many bodybuilders believe that working out with machines alone doesn’t build a very good body.

The Advantages of Free Weights:
Free weights are versatile. One set of dumbells can be used for many exercises.
Free weights build better balance and coordination.
Free weights work your muscles in a way that matches real life.
Many bodybuilders primarily use free weights to gain their massive size.
Free weights allow you to strengthen muscles and tendons that wouldn’t get much work when using machines.

The Disadvantages of Free Weights:
Free weights can be difficult because of the balance and coordination required.
A free weight workout will take longer than a machine workout.
You can get injured easier using free weights.