Ask the Supplement Guru

Whey may be the reigning king, but its parent protein still offers some unique advantages. Don’t underestimate milk protein, especially in a pinch!

by Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.Sep 05, 2013                                                    

I DIDN’T PLAN AHEAD, MAN. NOW I’M HEADING DOWN THE HIGHWAY WITH NO WHEY IN SIGHT, TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW I’M GOING TO MEET MY MACROS. HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A QUICK PROTEIN SOURCE? When I’m out on the road and need a convenient, low-carb protein source, I often pull into a gas station or convenience store and grab an RTD (ready-to-drink) like Muscle Milk. But the last time I posted a photo to Facebook of the Muscle Milk that I grabbed while on the go in Florida, I was surprised at how many negative comments it generated.The reason was that if you look at the ingredients list, you’ll notice that whey protein is way down on the list. The main protein source at the top of the ingredient list (meaning the product has the highest amount of it) is milk protein, in the form of milk protein isolate and milk protein concentrate. So is milk protein isolate or concentrate a low-quality protein source? No! It’s actually a high-quality protein source. Here’s why you shouldn’t overlook it.