Services provided

Web Development

Web Development

Web development for small - medium enterprises to large corporations. Includes website hosting to house all client website.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Create graphic design for logos, layout and corporate identity and branding. Includes Social Media and Email Marketing.

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Uses WordPress framework for fast delivery and easy management.



Works from 1998 to present


I am Bong Pico, an independent freelance web designer and front-end developer located in Metro Manila. I have been making websites in the '90s for companies I have worked for. In those days, I have used tables, frames and animated GIFs with bevels and gradients - it was the 'cool' thing back then. I also did graphic design and 'played' with Photoshop and CorelDraw. In 2000 I had the opportunity to launch the first website for Philippine Bodybuilding and Fitness. It was first built in Dreamweaver using HTML, PHP and SQL.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to publish the first printed magazine for Philippine Bodybuilding and Fitness. It was not until 2005 it was sold nationwide. It was an endeavor that used all my talents from graphic design, layout, editing, photography, business to doing events. It was a humbling experience. I started to use WordPress in 2010.

When not working on client projects, I go to the gym, watch movies, expos and travel. Learn new stuff and incorporate them to client site experience and design.

As a freelance web developer, I specialize in below the line budgets and offer easy-to-use, powerful websites. I also offer world-class Hosting, Database, Email & Forum support to my clients. I only limit my client base to a few. This will ensure that I take care of each one of them depending on the level of work needed. I also offer consultation with design, office automation, and other system integration. I also work with friends who are adept to more advanced systems. I can also throw in some Personal Training if needed 😉

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Pricing Plans

SME Package

For small and medium businesses who want to have a premium website for their companies to standout from their competition. Perfect for professionals and freelancers.

Elite SME Package

For small and medium businesses who want to have a premium and more optimized website for their company to compete with bigger competitors.

Ecommerce Package

For all businesses that need to build and operate an e-commerce enabled website, such as online shops, online booking system, online payments.

Custom Plan

The solution for advanced users

If you have any custom requests, please click the button below and tell us the details,
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Name: Bong Pico
Phone: +63 (917) 4969288
Address: Quezon City, Philippines